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Gardener Landscaping knows a thing or two about lawn cutting! With reliable and professional services at reasonable rates, you’ll have the advantage of a great looking property without spending the time on upkeep.

– Gain hours of free time this summer that would have been spent on yard work

– Appreciate your curb appeal without having to labour for it

– Enjoy convenient billing and affordable payment plans

Gardener Landscaping provides professional gardening services that save you time. You don’t have to worry about finding the time to keep your gardens free of weeds or manicured the way they should be. Let our trained professionals take on your garden maintenance; including weeding, cultivating, and edging your flowerbeds to make sure your property looks its best. Properly maintained gardens and plants will be healthier and you will enjoy more colourful blooms all season long.

Get the garden you want without a sore back or sunburned shoulders.

Protect your landscape investment by booking Elite Gardening Service today!

Our Elite Gardening Service includes:

– Professional weeding

– Cultivating the soil

– Raking and spreading mulch

– Edging the garden beds

We also offer:

– Garden clean-up or renovation

– Splitting and/or relocating perennials

– Garden design and planting

– Adding new soil or mulch

– Shrub and hedge pruning

– Shrub & Garden fertilizer applications

– And much more…


Let us beautify your gardens so they stand out all season!

Putting in some work in the autumn will bring a big payoff in the spring. Turf health is absolutely critical to maintaining an attractive property, and if you neglect your fall chores this year, your grass will suffer and show signs of neglect when the snow melts and the weather starts to warm up. Do you want your grass to green up early in the spring? Ensure that raking to remove leaves and thatch is done thoroughly prior to winter!

– Raking and collection of leaves and debris

– Winterizing your gardens

– A final grass mowing of your lawn

Gardener Landscaping’s spring yard clean up will give your property the jump start it needs after the winter season. We offer the services you require and can tailor the work to fit any budget. This beneficial service will really make your home stand out, laying the foundation for healthy turf, effective lawn care, and a great looking property through the sunny months.

Our service provides you with a fresh and tidy lawn to start the season:

– Raking and collecting leaves and debris

– Edging and turning garden beds

We don’t only offer maintenance services for your property. Make your gardens the envy of the neighbourhood this season by hiring Gardener Landscaping to plant annuals, perennials, shrubs, or trees.

Do you have a newly built home that requires gardens to be installed & planted? Thinking about adding a few shade trees or a privacy hedge but not sure where to start? Or maybe you require a few areas be filled with annuals to add some pop to your existing landscape? Either way, we have you covered – no job is too big or small.

A few benefits of investing in your landscape this season:

Added enjoyment of your outdoor spaces, increases the value of your home, properly placed trees can reduce your heating & cooling costs, plants of all kinds filter the air we breathe, beautiful landscapes reduce stress, increased privacy and sound dampening, reduction in storm water runoff decreases local flooding, and if you are considering selling your home at any point in the future nicely landscaped properties sell faster and for more money.

Create a yard you can enjoy today and it will pay you back in the future, now that’s a WIN-WIN!

Services available:

– Annual planting in gardens and planters to add colour and curb appeal

– Perennials are a great investment for yearly low maintenance beauty

– Shrubs add year round interest, privacy, and colour to your yard

– Shade trees and Evergreens up to 12 feet tall offer instant privacy

– We pick up, deliver, and install the highest quality plant material available

Talk to us about our professional gardening services, weekly lawn cutting, fertilizer programs and other services that will give you the time to enjoy your yard.

Take advantage of Gardener Landscaping’s environmentally friendly and effective fertilizing programs. Our comprehensive programs include all of the treatments that your turf needs to thrive, naturally. Without introducing any harmful substances into the environment, Gardener Landscaping can give you the best grass on your block.  Choose from one of our three levels of fertilizing:

Starter Fertilizer Program includes : 

-3 applications of a golf course quality, slow-release fertilizer to provide consistent growth and colour all season

Performer Fertilizer Program includes:

– 3 applications of golf course quality, slow release fertilizer, 1 application of high quality fertilizer for healthier turf and soil,  2 applications of natural weed control.

Completely Organic Program includes: 

– Turf RX soil testing, 3 applications of fertilizer, 1 application of soil corrective,  2 applications of natural weed control, overseeding with certified #1 seed

Want your Flowerbeds to Thrive?

Add our specific garden and shrub treatments to ensure your entire property looks lush. This package includes four applications of fertilizer (2 granular and 2 foliar) designed to ensure your plants get the nutrients required to look vibrant and robust all season.

Aerating your lawn at least once per year is essential to ensuring a thick, green and healthy lawn. Gardener Landscaping provides lawn aerations during the Spring and Fall, and most lawns only require one aeration per year to ensure healthy turf.

Gardener Landscaping uses commercial grade aerating machines that are designed to penetrate your lawn and remove soil plugs of 2-3” in depth. These plugs are deposited on the surface of the lawn where they will break down within a few weeks with normal watering and rain. Add a lawn aeration this year and see the results for yourself – your lawn will thank you!

The benefits of Aeration include:

– reduces soil compaction, allowing water & nutrients to feed your lawn

– encourages deep root growth to increase drought tolerance

– removes thatch, a natural hiding place for lawn pests

– helps to thicken your lawn to naturally ward off weeds and pests

Make sure your lawn is the envy of the neighbourhood with an annual Overseeding treatment from Gardener Landscaping! By spreading high quality grass seed on your lawn in the Spring or early Fall it will require less water, become more disease resistant, and help fight off insects and other pests.

Contact Gardener Landscaping today! Overseeding is a reasonably priced service that gives great results and can be scheduled quickly. Once completed, you will need to ensure the seed stays moist through rainfall or regular light watering until the grass is fully established to guarantee your best results.

Put down your shovel and let Gardener Landscaping deliver & install your soil and mulch! Our completely organic materials will enhance the health of your gardens and heighten your curb appeal. No job is too big or small, we can bring a few bags or multiple truckloads. For about the same price as it would cost to have a bag of soil dumped on your driveway by another company, we will deliver and spread your soil or mulch throughout your flowerbeds and gardens – saving you days of work (not to mention the sore back!)

Triple Mix Soil

A nutrient dense combination of compost, peat, and loam that provides an excellent growing medium for flowering plants and vegetable gardens.

Uses: Topping up flowerbeds and planters

– Replenishing depleted garden soil

– Improving the health and bloom of spring annuals


Our 100% screened and weed free topsoil has many uses around your property and is available by the cubic yard.

Uses:  Level an uneven lawn

– Build up depleted gardens

– Create new flower beds

Garden Mulch

Mulch is produced from various types of softwood and is available in a range of colours including brown, black, red, and “natural” – allowing you the ability to choose what works best for your property. When applied correctly it provides several benefits to your flowerbeds including:

– Enhancing the appearance of your property

– Minimizing weed growth in garden beds

– Helping with moisture retention which minimizes watering

Many lawns can benefit from a dethatching service. By using a commercial grade dethatching machine, Gardener Landscaping removes a portion of the layer of dead turfgrass tissue known as “thatch” from your lawn. This residue is bad for your grass, as it keeps water and nutrients from seeping down to grassroots. Gardener Landscaping provides dethatching in the Spring and Fall but generally gives best results in the Spring before your lawn starts growing for the season. The amount of thatch removed varies depending on the thickness of the thatch layer but don’t be surprised if we remove one or more truckloads of dead grass! Choosing an experienced company is extremely important as setting the dethatcher at the wrong height will do far more harm than good for your lawn. Dethatching is often combined with Topdressing and/or Overseeding for dramatic results and to help fill in areas thinned out by the dethatching machine.

Many lawns are lacking in the vital nutrients and organic material necessary to promote healthy grass. Topdressing your lawn can change this by adding a layer of rich organic soil to the top of the grass. With regular watering it will quickly penetrate and help increase the overall health of your turf. Gardener Landscaping only uses the highest quality, 100% organic topdressing products that contain essential nutrients and organic matter to encourage thicker, greener grass within weeks. Our topdressing service also adds millions of beneficial microbes that will naturally help break down thatch and improve root growth. Topdressing is often combined with Overseeding for even better results!

A few benefits from Topdressing your lawn:

– Adds valuable nutrients to your lawn

– Optimizes seed germination and root growth

– Helps to thicken your lawn for a healthy more beautiful appearance

– Thick grass requires less watering and is able to stay greener during drought.

While Overseeding is recommended annually to help keep your lawn thick and healthy, some lawns require a more thorough revitalization. If your lawn has been damaged by an insect infestation such as Chinch bugs or suffered the affects of drought, Slitseeding is an effective way to rehabilitate your lawn. Using a commercial grade Slitseeding machine, our technician will slice shallow slits in your lawn and insert top quality lawn seed into those slits, ensuring good soil contact.

Benefits of Slitseeding include:

– Less intrusive and expensive than re-sodding

– Can be performed on targeted areas or entire yards

– Gardener Landscaping uses only the highest quality grass seed

Pruning ensures the structure of a trees’ crown is strong, that it can extract the nutrients and water it needs from the soil, and have unfettered access to sunlight.

Leaving a tree stump protruding out of your lawn can prove to be more than a lawn-mowing obstacle. It can rot and impact the soil beneath and around it. Its roots can damage sidewalks and driveways, attract fungi, and become a nest for unwanted insects that can spread to your home, as well as spread tree-related diseases to nearby healthy trees and shrubs.

Unsightly tree stumps can also negatively impact the beauty of your lawn and possibly lower the value of your property. Removing a tree stump is laborious and dangerous work that should only be conducted by a team of professionals

Call us today for your tree trimming needs!

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